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Surgery & Anesthesia

Our hospital offers a state-of-the-art sterile surgical suite, where we can perform a variety of different surgical procedures with advanced technique. The most common surgeries performed by our doctors include spays, neuters, mass removals, bite wound repairs and abscesses,intestinal surgery to obtain biopsies or remove foreign material, laceration repairs, bladder stone removal, ear hematoma repairs, spleen removal, liver and spleen biopsies, and limb amputations.


It is highly recommended to have pre-anesthetic blood work performed prior to surgery in order for our doctors to evaluate your pet’s liver/kidney function and make sure they can tolerate general anesthesia. We will always create a safe anesthetic protocol that is specifically tailored to your individual pet. While under anesthesia, our nurses will ensure your pet’s comfort and will use special equipment to carefully monitor the following anesthetic parameters: heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation level (SpO2), carbon dioxide level, blood pressure, body temperature, and heart electrical rhythm (ECG). Your pet will always be supported with IV fluid therapy and heat support

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